Ikigai Energy

Affordability, sustainability & security of supply

Ikigai Energy is the co-development arm that structures, funds, and manages fully-funded holistic behind-the meter all-energy sustainable solutions to solve energy challenges within the energy trilemma (affordability, sustainability, and security of supply) and to decarbonise the operations of large users and infrastructure projects.

Our approach is data driven

Our approach is data-driven, first analysing the ‘EnergyDNA’ of each customer and their positioning within the energy trilemma, then optimising their energy consumption to deliver “quick wins” and finally delivering integrated onsite energy (and transport) infrastructure, including microgrids and carbon capture. 

We work together with the ‘best in class’ partners on a technology-neutral basis to ultimately offer Profitability as a Service. 

Ikigai Energy works with institutional and strategic investors seeking long term contracted revenues and innovation.

Customer Focused
Value oriented
Our approach is data-driven, first analysing the ‘EnergyDNA
ikigai is helping cchbc

“IKIGAI is helping Coca Cola HBC Italia decarbonize our Scope 3 emission, the last and most difficult area of intervention. Ikigai’s expertise in analyzing and understanding the intricacies of CCHBC’s supply chain and logistics has allowed the company to identify critical areas with the highest carbon impact and to implement holistic solutions not only to decarbonize our operations but to also future-proof the infrastructures needed to support the change”

Manuel Biella - Country Supply Chain Director - Coca Cola HBC Italia

Examples of Ikigai Energy co-development solutions

Ikigai Energy has been delivering projects to large energy users and infrastructure investors from co-development to procurement of funding and contractors

UK Water Industry

Water utility

Co-development of private wire PV installations for a number of UK water utilities

Feasibility study and co-development

BESS co-location with PV

Feasibility study and co-development of colocation BESS with PV installations in Italy, Spain, and Portugal

coca cola hbc

Optimisation of biomass plant

Optimization study and solution co-development for existing biomass plant to improve profitability and reduce carbon emission (including private wire, storage, and carbon capture)

UK Group of airports: Ikigai Capital has been mandated

Glasgow Airport

Co-development of 16MW onsite solar installation with Private Wire solution for the airport on a fully funded basis

Feasibility study and development of hydrogen based

Hydrogen multi-hub airport network

Feasibility study and development of hydrogen-based energy hub to fuel road transport and future aviation

Development of a portfolio of Natural Capital

Natural Capital and Biodiversity

Development of a portfolio of Natural Capital and Biodiversity to support large UK landowners

Ikigai Energy has developed a phased and data-led approach

Phased and data-led approach

Ikigai Energy has developed a phased and data-led approach that encompasses five distinct phases, from data collection and generation of EnergyDNA with subsequent quick wins, to the definition of holistic solutions and stakeholder engagement. 

Ikigai Energy will develop and deliver the project to generate savings and improve profitability for the energy-intensive users on a fully funded or self-funded basis.

Unlike specific technology solutions that deliver Energy as a Service (EaaS), Ikigai Energy delivers Profitability as a Service (Paas) through a deep understanding of the relationship between energy and core customer operations.

Large energy users working with us

Many large energy users have decided to work with us to decarbonise and create value for their asset