ikigai capital

Ikigai Capital

Strategic consultancy business

Ikigai Capital is a strategic consultancy business focused on energy transition for institutional investors, large energy consumers, and operators in the energy sector. 

We support energy users in addressing various energy concerns aimed at reducing carbon footprint and moving the energy transition forward while delivering value and increasing profitability.

Examples of Ikigai Capital mandates:

Ikigai and DNV launch

Thames Estuary Growth Board

Support in creating the hydrogen ecosystem to decarbonise the UK's largest logistic cluster

UK Water Industry

UK Water Industry Research

Part of a consortium to examine the relationship between hydrogen production, water availability, emerging technologies, and the role of water utilities

coca cola hbc

Coca Cola HBC Italia

Strategic Advisory to decarbonise Scope 3 emissions in Italy

major uk

Major UK Landowner

Optimisation of portfolio through the implementation of energy solutions and natural capital and biodiversity

ports of dover

Ports of Dover, Calais and Dunkirk

Part of the consortium to deliver a feasibility study for the decarbonisation of shipping routes

Ikigai Energy to develop a solar farm

UK group of airports

Consultancy for holistic energy innovation solutions to address decarbonisation

Decades of experience in the energy and infrastructure sector come together to deliver pragmatic solutions

Helena Anderson

Co-founder and COO

Roberto Castiglioni

Co-founder and CEO

UK Group of airports: Ikigai Capital has been mandated

Case Study

UK Group of airports: Ikigai Capital has been mandated to deliver an Energy Innovation solution to AGS Airports, the owner and operator of three airports in the UK (Aberdeen, Glasgow, and Southampton).

Airports are very complicated energy users with a strong commitment to decarbonization while delivering shareholders value and quality customer experience. 

Ikigai has been involved in mapping out the EnergyDNA of every single airport and then building up a range of holistic solutions to reduce carbon footprint. Solutions include airside electrification of operations, delivery of renewable electricity and heat, optimization of onsite demand while improving customer experience 

Supporting the best in the industry

We are working together with large investors and corporates to decarbonize their operations and future-proof their operations while delivering value and profitability.