Ikigai AXL is the accelerator arm of Ikigai, we help cleantech create bankability around their technology and enable them to attract strategic investors to scale up and growth beyond the “valley of death” many cleantech companies struggles to move away from.

We empower these companies to grow by creating the bankable structures needed to raise capital at a corporate, platform and/or project level.

Our Approach:

Project platform to accelerate first large-scale commercialization product commoditization and reduce roll out costs

Collaborative approach driven by infrastructure investor requirements

Data driven creating a feedback loop direct from customers and investors

Capacity to influence product design, warranty and supply terms

Examples of Ikigai AXL mandates:

Second Life Batteries

Long Duration Batteries

Heat Batteries

PV Thermal

Carbon Capture

IoT integrator

IoT solutions for residential

Waste to Fuel


Case Study

Ikigai AXL plays a fundamental role within the wider group as it enables new but tested technologies to be part of the solutions for both Ikigai Capital and Ikigai Energy. Whilst acting independently, the advisory side and the development side rely on Ikigai AXL as a source of new solutions to the decarbonisation process. In turns, Ikigai AXL benefits from the strong commercial approach and deployment opportunities from the other companies. So far we have supported a Carbon Capture company and a second-life battery companies to raise money and create a bankable product for long term investors, thus creating the basis for large scale commercialisation and growth


Ikigai AXL founders

Roberto Castiglioni, Co-founder and CEO
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Helena Anderson, Co-founder and COO
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