About Ikigai

IKIGAI acts as a bridge between the four main stakeholders within the energy transition

Investors, technology, government and energy users are all key to deliver the energy transition

Ikigai Capital

Strategic advisory: we provide energy innovation and optimisation support to owners and operators of large infrastructure assets.

Ikigai Energy

Co-Development and financing platform: we design and co-develop with the asset owner, and seek funding where necessary, onsite energy solutions across our sectors of intervention.

Ikigai Axl

Bankability accelerator: we support green-technology companies with targeted solutions to move from technically proven to bankable and commercially scalable.

Six Sectors of intervention:

Ikigai has a holistic approach focused on key sectors to support the energy transition. Our solutions are intertwined across our sectors of intervention and are aimed at creating value while decarbonizing.

Water & Waste
Ikigai supports water utilities in their decarbonisation efforts by helping them on their on-site PV, hydrogen, carbon capture, waste water and biomass development strategy
Aviation Infrastructure
Ikigai supports the aviation sector not only by reducing the airports' energy cost but also by creating the necessary infrastructure to support the future of aviation and create revenue resilience, including developing the role of airports as energy hubs
Shipping Infrastructure
Ikigai supports ports in providing the infrastructure necessary to decarbonise the shipping industry while optimising the on-site existing resources
Distribution and Logistics
Ikigai supports the logistics sector by creating the infrastructure for clean fuels distribution including support on fleet funding and deployment of new transport technologies
Large industrial clusters and land owners
Ikigai supports large land owners by optimising their available asset while contributing to their revenue resilience
Storage & Flexibility
Ikigai supports storage infrastructure to improve the flexibility of the network, thus allowing a deeper penetration of renewable energy

Each stakeholder’s strategic priorities are different. Their focus is Ikigai’s focus.

We aim to accelerate targeted innovation while balancing customer objectives and investor requirements for:


Our solutions aim at drastically reducing GHG emissions to meet corporates' ESG targets


Our solutions aim at reducing the cost of energy and creating revenue resilience


Our solutions aim at mitigating stranded asset risk and future-proofing the operation of the asset

Pragmatic approach to decarbonization with a focus on value

Ikigai supports our clients to de-risk prospective ‘stranded assets’, to optimize their operations and improve their profitability while decarbonizing, and to identify and shape transformative energy technologies and projects. 

"Ikigai don't deliver Power Points, they deliver Power Plants!"

Peter Durante, Head of Technology & Innovation at Macquarie Asset Management

Regional coverage

Ikigai has operations in the UK, Italy, and USA, enabling the team to offer coverage across North America and Europe.

Working with the best in the industry

Our clients and partners represent a wide range of energy users with strong ESG commitments and decarbonization targets